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Preseason Prep Training

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY: This is a 5 week membership. The plan is for it to end right as the April 26th HS season start date.
Please go in and reserve all of your classes for the month, repeat for the month of April, etc. The class times you select must be consistent. You can choose Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs at the same time both days (ex TTH at 5pm). If you miss a class you will forego that class in your membership. No exceptions due to efforts to minimize variation in contact for members.
All classes will strictly abide by social distancing guidelines.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 4 week(s)
Attendance: 2 classes per week
Begin Date: Apr 13, 2021
End Date: May 11, 2021
Enrollment End Date: Apr 10, 2021
Payment Terms
Price: $325.00

Due Now

First Installment  $325.00

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