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Future Stars Monthly Subscription (4th-6th)

This membership is for players who are working on developing a foundational skillset and looking to expand their love for the game! In the Future Stars program we focus on building work habits, understanding basic team concepts and mastering the foundational skills for success long-term. This program goes through 6th grade, if you have a 6th grader who is working on a baseline skillset this program is perfect, if you have a competitive 6th grader we recommend signing up for the "Rising Stars" program.
This is our foundational membership that everyone begins with that covers all of your training. If you are interested in becoming eligible for games and tournament play we can add that onto your membership AFTER you have signed up for this membership. Inquire about those add-ons at the gym!
Schedule: Classes are available Mon-Sat at several times ranging from morning to evening. Upon signup you will be able to see the latest up to date available classes via our class app. Note: class times are subject to change based on attendance, it is important that you reserve your space in class ahead of time!
How Your Subscription Membership Works:
- At signup you pay a signup fee of $210 and $210 for your first month of classes, which includes a Watts reversible jersey and 2 t-shirts.
- Going forward you pay $210 a month and can come to up to any 16 classes per month that you choose (a combination of on the court, scrimmages and speed/agility classes).
- If at any time you need to pause your membership you can do so for a small monthly fee (while pausing the $210/month payment) to retain your spot in the program and can resume your membership at any time without paying the signup fee again.
- If you cancel your membership and want to return later, you will need to pay the signup fee again.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 1 month(s)
Attendance: 16 classes per month
Begin Date: Oct 1, 2023
End Date: Nov 1, 2023
Payment Terms
Price: $135.00 signup fee, plus $210.00 monthly
tooltip This membership is set to run on autopay.
All bills will be deducted automatically from the assigned account on the bill due date.

Due Now

Signup Fee  $135.00
First Installment  $210.00
Total Due Now  $345.00

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